Chakotay (chakotay) wrote,

seven_of_nine and I made it to about 80 meters from the Delta Flyer before we were stopped by the benomite. Neither of us read any life signs aboard the Flyer, but I knew if we cleaned away enough of the debris, we might be able to beam the Flyer up to Voyager. I contacted Voyager to request more assistance to clear away the debris in hopes of getting the Flyer free.

The Away teams arrived, but after about 6 or 7 minutes, kathrynjaneway let us know a massive ion storm was on its way and our entire carvern was going to destabilize when it hit. I informed the captain only a few meters separated us from the Flyer; she gave us six minutes to get the shuttle free.

Thanks to hard work of the Away team, we were able to place the pattern enhancers and beam the Flyer out within the deadline. And I'm extremely happy to report that all three members of the Away team have survived. Samantha Wildman is recovering nicely in sickbay and I believe emh discharged both _tom_paris_ and _tuvok_ after a check-up.

This incident has made me consider suggesting to the Captain we need to have some kind of Away mission protocol established. We might not be so lucky next time.
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