Chakotay (chakotay) wrote,

I just stopped by Engineering to get a system status report from paristorres on the slipstream drive. She, Joe Carey and seven_of_nine have been working all night and they say just a few more hours before they can definitively begin testing the new technology. This is indeed good news and good work on the part of the team. I had hoped to keep the new developments quiet, but Voyager is a small ship; most of the crew already knows what's going on. When I was in the mess hall earlier, a few crewmembers -- Ayala was one of them, if I recall correctly -- were discussing returning home. Ayala said his wife was pregnant when we left the AQ; he was looking forward to meeting his new son or daughter.

I hope, for their sake, that this technology works. While I'm not entirely sure of what my fate would be in the AQ, I realize that it's home for most of this crew and they have loved ones left behind. I'm lucky; everyone whom I care about is aboard Voyager.

Dinner with kathrynjaneway last night was enjoyable. Ostensibly, we were to discuss the new away team protocols in light of what just happened, but we ended up talking more about the AQ and future plans. If we do indeed end up in the AQ, I think I'd like to leave Starfleet and perhaps become an archeologist. Provided I don't get shipped off to prison first.
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