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The Starfleet ship is still in pursuit, but even so, harrykim and I've decided to go ahead with our plans. Tessa is staying behind on the ship while we beam down to the planet to check what's left of Voyager.

The conditions are very cold -- the entire planet is covered with a giant sheet of ice and we've brought along EVA suits for this very purpose. Of course, these bulky type outfits, while doing a good job of keeping us alive, make it hard to move.

I don't anticipate we have a lot of time, so we're going to have to move fast if we're going to put Harry's plan into action.

Tessa has enabled audio upload to the LJ system, so I will continue this entry from the surface.

[LJ audio feed]

Ahhem, is this working?

I hear you loud and clear, Chakotay, go ahead. I'm monitoring your position and vitals from here.

Thanks, Tessa.

What are you seeing down there?

Ice, lots of it. [Foot scuffle] I think Voyager -- Harry, no -- I think Voyager is that way. Fifty meters to the left.

Keep me informed. [Laugh]. At least keep talking so I know you didn't freeze to death down there.

Will do. [Static] Be careful, Harry. Slow down.

[Incoherent mumbling]

I'm picking something up on the tricorder... Tessa, are you getting this?

Some kind of metallic debris, yes, Chakotay. About 5 to 10 meters below the surface. If that's Voyager, it's our lucky day.

We're nearing the coordinates now, Tessa. Keep a lock on our position.


[Incoherent mumbling]


Chakotay, what's the reading on the glaciers?

Uh... [Short breaths].

Chakotay, do you see Voyager yet?

[Indistinct mumbling]

Tessa, this is Harry. We've found it.

Thanks, Harry. Be careful.

Chakotay here. [Coughing]. The glacier fractures are stable.

Mmm...[Unclear transmission -- LJ system unable to upload audio transmission]

We're clear to beam inside.

Acknowledged, Harry.

Preparing for beam-- [static]


Here, Tessa.

Everything -- [static] all -- [static] -- right?


[End audio entry]
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