Chakotay (chakotay) wrote,

Equipment to bring on the hiking trip

For those of you accompanying me on a trip into the Yrolg Mountains, please bring the following items:

* A warm jacket
* A backpack
* At least two bottles of water (we can refill the bottles at the summit; the authorities have assured me that the water supply is clean)
* A bagged lunch (please see neelix; you can pick up your lunch from him)
* A First Aid kit
* Extra pair of socks
* A raincoat
* Sturdy hiking boots
* A flashlight
* A tricorder
* Communicator
* Trail mix -- four packages (again, see neelix to pick up your trail mix)

No sleeping bags or cooking utensils are necessary for this trip (yes, harrykim, I'm talking to you). For those of you who are interested, there are cabins at the foothills of the mountains and we are welcome to stay there on our return; deluxe accommodations will be provided courtesy of the Kelaran IV government. If you do not wish to remain on the planet, you are welcome to return to Voyager or make other arrangements for the remainder of your shore leave.

Please leave any comments/concerns here.
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