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Saturday, August 30th, 2003

Time:8:46 am.
Not much to report, I'm afraid. Things have been fairly quiet in the last few days -- not, mind you, that I'm complaining. I've noticed holodeck activity going up, which means the crew is getting some much needed recreational time and hopefully, unwinding from our encounter with Species 8472.

I've spent some time on the holodeck myself with paristorres; we went hiking in the Rocky Mountains the other day. After we were done, we found naomiwildman waiting for the holodeck. She seems to be addicted to the Flotter program. I talked to Ensign Wildman briefly the other day and she was worried about the fact Naomi's main source of companionship is neelix. _tom_paris_ also spends time with Naomi; I'm not sure anyone else does.

There has been very little in terms of romantic activity aboard Voyager. I've heard rumors of flings but nothing of longlasting duration (with the exception of paristorres and _tom_paris_ and I admit, I have doubts about how long they'll last. I'm amazed they've made it this far). It's been five years since we ended up in the DQ, but the memories of loved ones left behind in the AQ are still very strong. We still have many years in front of us to get home (and unfortunately, we've also lost people along the way), but the crew's loyalty to their loved ones is admirable.

Which means, that for the near future, naomiwildman will likely be the only child aboard Voyager. I admit, it makes things easier for kathrynjaneway and I; I'm not sure either of us want any more children aboard the ship. The DQ is a dangerous place, and we've been lucky to get this far. Who knows how long our luck will hold out? It's pretty safe to say, however, that Voyager isn't the ideal place to raise children.

And now I must go; kathrynjaneway has called a pre-mission briefing. It should be fairly quick -- we've got these reconnaissance missions down to a science now.
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Wednesday, August 6th, 2003

Time:3:17 pm.
While I certainly have my hands full with events here on Voyager, I have offered commander_data counseling services. His LJ entries have me worried -- I have no doubt his fellow crewmembers such as Picard, Riker and LaForge are equally concerned about Data. His dependence on Alpine (cat? fox? dog? figment of his imagination?) is worrisome as is his inability to remember the names of his colleagues. If this keeps up, I suspect Captain Picard will have no choice but to relieve the Commander of duty.
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Time:10:11 am.
The date with Valerie Archer went well. She didn't seem to detect anything amiss and I managed to get some information from her. Her view is that Humans are a threat due to the alliance with the Borg (I did warn you about this, didn't I, Kathryn? kathrynjaneway). We parted on friendly terms. Or so I thought.

As I made my way through the grounds of Starfleet Academy, I found myself surrounded by Species 8472. I hailed the Delta Flyer for a beam-out, but nothing. It was evident then (to steal a phrase from Tom) that the gig was up. I told 'Boothby' and 'Valerie' that we weren't here to attack them but they didn't seem convinced when Voyager actually showed up. When Boothby left, I was alone with Valerie -- she was preparing to perform a DNA extraction (aside: I'd be lying if I didn't wonder about Seska's baby every now and then. I know the baby wasn't mine and yes, if it had been, I would have certainly assumed responsibility for the child. However, the idea of genetic extraction lost its novelty a twenty thousand light years or so in the past).

I was saved though, once again by Kathryn's quick thinking. She negotiated with Species 8472 and averted war. I get the feeling, however, that seven_of_nine doesn't feel too kindly towards 8472 -- I'll discuss her 'issues' with the Captain's actions later on in our weekly counseling sessions.

Meanwhile, I have one last 'date' with Valerie to prepare for.
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Sunday, July 27th, 2003

Subject:I left my heart in San Francisco
Time:6:03 pm.
I never expected to find San Francisco in the middle of the Delta Quadrant.

I have fond memories of the city. Walking across the Bridge, watching the waves crash against the rocks below, listening to the sea lions which cluster at the end of Pier 39, hiking up to Coit Tower, meeting friends for lunch in Chinatown or catching a play at Berkeley -- it seems so very long ago, another lifetime entirely.

There are days when I don't think about Earth at all. Days when I forget I was once a commission Starfleet officer. To reach for the stars, to tread where my ancestors refused to, that had once been my only dream. I broke with tradition and went to San Francisco in search of someone who wasn't simply the son of Kolopak.

So when I beamed down to the planet and was approached by Boothby, I found myself awash in memories. I saw familiarity around every corner -- I was transported, not only through space, but in time as well.

Her name is Valerie. She has red hair, pouty lips and a twinkle in her eyes. As I told Tuvok, I have no intention of actually going on a date with her (though, it has been a long time) but would love to pump her for information.

In the meantime, we're bringing an 'ensign' back to Voyager for tests. I'm sure the Doctor (emh) will have some idea of what's gone on here.

I hope it doesn't take us forty years to get home; I'd love to see San Francisco again -- sooner, rather than later.
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Wednesday, July 16th, 2003

Subject:Shipwide Announcement
Time:10:27 pm.
We have all been invited to the qcontinuum's party. Please be prompt and remember the dress code: tuxes for men and evening dresses for women. If you have a problem attending, please report to me immediately. And remember, have a good time.
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Monday, June 23rd, 2003

Time:2:29 pm.
It's been a long time since I've been online and I noticed that will_riker has gone quiet. That's too bad because I enjoyed my conversations with him and I felt that he was someone who could offer some good advice. It's a tough job being first officer, especially if you have the pleasure of serving a headstrong tenacious captain.

Speaking of the Captain, kathrynjaneway's party was a good morale booster for the crew, and I was pleased to see both Tom and B'Elanna (paristorres) enjoying themselves. Even seven_of_nine and _tuvok_ were present and seemed to have a good time. The only slight drawback was that harrykim spilled the beans and so the party wasn't the surprise that neelix was hoping it would be. I think the highlight of the party was when the emh decided to show a slide show detailing "The Evolution of the Captain's Hair." If only I'd known, I'd have warned the Doctor against it, but it was a complete surprise. I think the word the captain used at the conclusion of the slide show was "Interesting." She obviously didn't realize that her hair would be a matter of shipboard speculation.

We here on Voyager aren't very good about talking about much -- our feelings, our pasts, our activities, and we certainly don't talk about hair (receeding hairlines are second on the taboo scale after talking about the Captain's hair). We're very 'future-orientated' and we like to move on as if nothing has ever happened in the past. It's a good thing we haven't been tripped up by our actions yet; I shudder to think of what we would happen if we ran into the Hirogen again.

I've proposed several times that we ought to have crew debriefings and perhaps implement mandatory crew counseling, but kathrynjaneway seems to be against the idea. In the meantime, I've taken a few individuals 'under my wing', so to speak, such as B'Elanna, to help them through tough times. I know that neelix has been very helpful and instrumental in helping others through difficult circumstances as well. We may have become a family on Voyager, but it would be premature to think we've put all of our differences aside adn become one crew. If nothing else, the superficial bravado of the crew masks a singular truth: we're all desperately homesick and miss our loved ones.
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Sunday, May 25th, 2003

Time:7:41 pm.
wes_crusher asked the following:

But for the love of little green men, why is it that the people are -are- getting laid are so very, very profoundly stupid about it?

I'm contemplating offering them some counseling sessions -- they all seem to be in desperate need of it and I'm starting to get worried about their mental health, especially now with a baby in the mix.

We've had similar situations aboard Voyager -- confined spaces can bring emotions to a boiling point. But the dynamics of these particular people are rather baffling, considering that nothing in their prior-to-LJ history suggested this kind of self-involvement, denial and co-dependency. I'm assuming that perhaps there is a level of introspection that comes along with signing on to the LJ system that is bringing out latent feelings.

That is one theory anyway.

I need to cut this entry short;
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<ljuser="kathrynjaneway">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<lj user="wes_crusher"> asked the <A href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/wes_crusher/3772.html"> following:</a>

<i>But for the love of little green men, why is it that the people are -are- getting laid are so very, very profoundly stupid about it?</i>

I'm contemplating offering them some counseling sessions -- they all seem to be in desperate need of it and I'm starting to get worried about their mental health, especially now with a baby in the mix.

We've had similar situations aboard Voyager -- confined spaces can bring emotions to a boiling point. But the dynamics of these particular people are rather baffling, considering that nothing in their prior-to-LJ history suggested this kind of self-involvement, denial and co-dependency. I'm assuming that perhaps there is a level of introspection that comes along with signing on to the LJ system that is bringing out latent feelings.

That is <i>one</i> theory anyway.

I need to cut this entry short; <ljuser="kathrynjaneway"> has requested my presence and that of Tom Paris (<lj user="paristorres">) in her Ready Room.
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Tuesday, May 13th, 2003

Time:10:28 am.
It's been a while since I've updated here. My counseling duties seem to have been taking up whatever free time I have as of late. Both Ensign Mulcahey and seven_of_nine have visited -- separately, of course -- to sort out their feelings about One. Mulcahey's reaction is purely biological but Seven had genuine attachment to One. I've suggested that she work with paristorres and harrykim on the new shuttle design. I figure if she keeps herself busy, she'll find a way to cope with her grief. This is an entirely new emotion for Seven and while I believe she should express herself, it's also not healthy or productive for her to dwell exclusively on her loss. paristorres has said that he would love having Seven work with him on the shuttle; B'Elanna seems to be neutral about the whole project at the moment, but Tom is confident she'll come around.

In other news, I'm glad to see both neelix and naomiwildman have made it on to the system. Welcome.
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Monday, April 28th, 2003

Time:6:25 pm.
The death of One has hit several members of our crew pretty hard.
Mulcahey has already stopped by to talk about it. He was just getting to the idea of One. I imagine he'll be all right in a few days. I plan to stop and talk to both the emh and seven_of_nine later on. I imagine they both may need someone to talk to.
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Monday, April 21st, 2003

Time:11:21 pm.
Mulcahey stopped by to talk. He's feeling a little apprehensive about this situation with One (I can't help but think of him as 'Borglet' though). Mulcahey is one of One's parents, given that his genetic material was used to conceive and as of yet, he hasn't had much interaction with his 'son'. He wanted to figure out a way to approach seven_of_nine about potential visitation schedules. I said that there was no reason to be that formal, but Mulcahey looked distinctly uncomfortable.

My next suggestion was that Mulcahey visit sickbay and perhaps talk to emh about One. This seemed to go over better with the ensign. He promised to stop by and let me know later on how it goes with One. He is really anxious about his role as a father and more importantly, he wants to take responsibility and get to know One as an individual. I was very impressed by the ensign's sincerity and acceptance of responsibility in this matter.

paristorres lost the signal. Where it originated from, we cannot tell, she says. It is disappointing but again, not unexpected. I'm pleased that we didn't tell the crew about the potential for communication as now they cannot be disappointed. B'Elanna suspects that the communication was trivial in nature, given its low-band frequency. Of course, she could be saying that just to dull the blow. Thank goodness for this LJ system as it does allow us to talk to certain individuals in the AQ. Perhaps we can ask some of them to pass messages from us onto our families?

I was planning to book the holodeck tonight for some hiking and canoeing, but B'Elanna beat me to it. She's been looking stressed lately and so I decided not to force the issue. She did promise me that I could have the two hours she reserved for this coming Friday.
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Sunday, April 20th, 2003

Time:11:06 pm.
B'Elanna (paristorres) let me know that we've encountered yet another communications anamoly. It was a faint reading. B'Elanna has decided to work overtime to modify sensor readings to find out if this is simply an echo or an actual transmission from the AQ. B'Elanna suspects the former, but I think I speak for the whole crew when I say I hope it's the later.

seven_of_nine and emh have... well, I can't think of a better way of putting it, but they have creatively combined to form... well, a borglet. I'm not sure what else to call it, but am leaving it up to them. I did mention to kathrynjaneway that I thought Seven was adjusting well to the change in her circumstances as well as forming an emotional bond with the child (I can't think of him as anything other than the child of Seven and the Doctor. I admit, I can't possibly think of any two people whom I least suspected of ever becoming parents). Seven's interactions make me believe that our counseling sessions have indeed helped her. At any rate, she is certainly adjusting better into the crew and causing less of a friction. I just wish I could find a way for B'Elanna and Seven to get along better. But, that may be a task for another day and I may have to enlist _tuvok_'s assistance in the matter.
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Sunday, April 13th, 2003

Time:10:40 am.
In just a few minutes, we'll be leaving for shoreleave. kathrynjaneway and _tuvok_ are already planetside. harrykim and I are the last of the senior crew to go down to the planet, with the exception of Tom and B'Elanna (paristorres), seven_of_nine and the Doctor. We're just waiting now for the Captain and Tuvok to return so we can leave.

In the meantime, I've discovered some information that is slightly disturbing to me. After canvassing the planet's historical database, I've noticed that it has a history of terrorism. Of course, the authorities - in my last conversation with them two hours ago - assured me that the resort where we're spending our shoreleave has been without incident. I can't help but a feel a little uneasy though. I've already talked to the Captain and she said that the resort appears quite safe and there is plenty of security. I could be paranoid, after all. It's been six months since the last terrorism uprising and that was at another city entirely. I hesitate to cut shoreleave short, given how excited the crew was to receive this unexpected treat, so I've dispatched extra security forces. Of course Janeway was not happy with my actions, but Commander Tuvok clearly agreed with my decision. In addition, I've been continually scanning the planet for any signs of trouble and still nothing.

Obviously, I'm reading too much into the situation. Even Harry - who rarely criticizes command decisions - is surprised. I guess I'd feel better if I was down there with the Captain myself. Then I could see for myself what was really going on. Harry is probably right. I am paranoid.
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Saturday, April 12th, 2003

Time:3:14 pm.
kathrynjaneway has sent Tom, B'Elanna, seven_of_nine and the Doctor on a mission to record the effects of a proto-nebula. In addition, we've found an M-class planet and I've been assigning the crew shoreleave in blocks of 6 hours. Everyone is really pleased about the opportunity to get off Voyager and breathe in some fresh air. Neelix is especially pleased about restocking our food stuffs. B'Elanna has left Joe Carey a list of components she needs for Engineering. She did put up a minor fuss when she learned Joe would be doing the 'shopping' but Captain Janeway was pretty firm about wanting B'Elanna to accompany the others. Perhaps, when they get back, there will be time for shoreleave. I'm sure it'll do her - and everyone - good.

I've implemented a new filtration system in my LJ system. I have to thank Tom Paris (paristorres) for his help in discovering how to weed out inappropriate material. As wonderful it is to have contact with the Alpha Quadrant, I've decided that I prefer not to know of anyone's sex life (preferences/activities etc). So I've implemented this new filter now. This way, I can still communicate with will_riker and other AQ folks without problems but can still avoid what kiranerys refers to as TMI.
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Thursday, April 10th, 2003

Time:8:24 am.
I'm running late for a meeting with kathrynjaneway but I wanted to note that the LJ system seems to be getting more and more crowded every day. I'm noticing new 'faces' and I was especially pleased to note the arrival of will_riker. I'm sure we can help each other. I saw B'Elanna briefly last night before she slipped into the holodeck and she mentioned that she was pleased to see that Enterprise's engineer, Geordi LaForge, was now on the LJ system.

I also gratified to see that the Voyager crew has taken my advice to heart and has been keeping their LJs mostly professional. Anyone who would like clarification on the proper use of their LJ should stop my quarters. I'll be happy to assist.
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Tuesday, April 8th, 2003

Time:4:01 pm.
It's been a few days since I've updated here. I never realized that staying out kathrynjaneway's way would be so... time consuming. It's not that I want to avoid her - it's merely now I'm suffering a pang of guilt by voicing my concerns about our relationship (or lack thereof) here in the LJ system. I'm now acutely aware of how far personal information travels through this system; it's like sharing a secret with Tom Paris (paristorres. The effect is absolutely the same in terms of velocity and magnitude of information spreading.

I still have to talk to the Captain. I'm a little concerned about B'Elanna. She seems to be unusually quiet, withdrawn and I haven't seen her in the messhall in a few days. I'm not sure what's wrong but I have a feeling that she might be still mourning for the Maquis. I understand her pain. I should most definitely make a note of it to spend more time with her to discern exactly what the problem might be. And for the record, I don't take kindly to hints about whom I should be sleeping with or whom I shouldn't be. Especially when the insinuation concerns a subordinate.

I've also sent out a bulletin to all VOY personnel who may use the LJ system. I took the liberty, after seeing that the Captain had already reprimended Mr. Paris for his indiscretion. I hope this cuts down on future displays of "too much information" and excessive 'shagging.'
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Saturday, April 5th, 2003

Time:7:15 pm.
My session with seven_of_nine went well this morning. I'm starting to see the possibilities for her. I wasn't entirely sure kathrynjaneway was on the right track when she decided to de-assimilate Seven of Nine; after all, if one has been Borg for her practically her entire life, what purpose is there to revert back to her humanity? There are times when I felt that Seven's journey back to individuality would be the death of me. Now, I'm sure that Kathryn's decision was a positive one and I hope that Seven is slowly beginning to accept it - and herself.

I talked to harrykim casually this morning. He made some comments about a promotion. I pointed out that this could not be a ship of admirals and that all promotions were on hold indefinitely. He mentioned that _tuvok_ had received a promotion last year, but I noted that it was a well-timed promotion. Whether there will be more promotions in the future depends entirely on the Captain. She doesn't seem to share this kind of information with me. She shares a lot with me, but I'm not entirely sure she values my advice. Or rather, the advice regarding the ship's business.

I admit, Kathryn's behavior on occasion confuses me. I'm never quite sure how to react or what to make of her actions. It throws me off guard at how ever-changing her personality she can be. I wonder if she even realizes how mercurial she can be and how off-balance that keeps the senior staff? There are times when I reach out and I'm roughly rebuffed and others when she makes overtures that frankly - given our history of, well, nothing - make me slightly uncomfortable, because I'm not really sure what her agenda is all about or what she wants from me.

I know she certainly doesn't want my advice about the Borg. That much is for certain.

I have plans with B'Elanna for dinner. She's sure to ask me how I'm doing with this new LJ system. I'm happy to report that I managed to get around the clumsy interface with little trouble today. I did, however, forget my password. Thank the spirts that qcontinuum set the system up to allow retrieval of passwords.
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Tuesday, April 1st, 2003

Time:8:39 pm.
I keep neglecting this journal. I haven't gotten the hang of this new system. I keep reverting to the 'old' log method. I've put in an official request for help from the AQ. Hopefully ezridax and cnslrdeannatroi can help out.
I've been trying to put my finger on exactly what ails this crew but really, the list is miles and miles long. It's not easy to sort out.

I did talk to B'Elanna (paristorres) a couple days ago about the Maquis, based on the updated information passed on to me by kiranerys. She took it better than I thought she would and was generally very calm about it. I'm relieved. I really thought B'Elanna would have a harder time.

I see that harrykim and Tom Paris seem to be doing fine. The two of them have a good friendship. I used to think Tom wasn't a good influence on Harry, but now I know differently. They've been good for each other. Tom has cured Harry of his 'greeness' and Harry has been an equally calming influence on Tom.

I checked in on seven_of_nine. She seems to be doing well though I have yet to figure out why she requires my assistance. Certain matters, I feel, should be better left to other people. Certain topics should also be explained by people who aren't me. There are certain things a first officer shouldn't have to do, but I am happy that Seven of Nine feels comfortable coming to me with her questions. I really feel that I'm getting to know her better and I understand she still feels a longing for the Collective. However, I'm confident with time -- and Spirits know, we've got time, 70 years worth of time -- Seven will find her place here on this ship as well as who she really wants to be.
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Saturday, March 29th, 2003

Time:11:32 am.
kiranerys told me about the fate of the Maquis in the AQ. Even though we already knew, the confirmation is... well, it's still devastating. I told B'Elanna and she didn't really react. I figure she's dealing in her own way. I did make it clear if she needed someone to talk to, she should come to me. She didn't really answer one way or the other.

My counseling session with seven_of_nine went well last night. I think she's coming along beautifully, though there's a long way to go. Still, I hope she's pleased with her progress - a direct result of all the hard work she's put in.

I think I'm going to take advantage of the AQ link and ask for help from ezridax and cnslrdeannatroi. Our crew is shell-shocked and even kathrynjaneway is prone to fits of depression. I think the crew could really use someone to talk to. I'll issue an announcement later on. I hope the counselors in the AQ don't mind the extra work.
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Wednesday, March 26th, 2003

Time:11:45 pm.
My counselling session has been put-off indefinitely. I think.

The one thing I'm really glad about this new AQ/DQ link is the fact that finally the Voyager crew has access to some of the finest counselors around. Neelix and I do our best to keep morale up, but we're really not equipped for the emotional damage some of the crew have sustained.

Q has dropped by, kindly enough, to let me know that he is definitely responsible for the hook-up. So as much as it pains me to say this, thank you, Q. I'm sorry for not giving you credit before, but B'Elanna looked inclined to skewer me and then eat my heart when I suggested your hand in the link-up.
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Time:9:58 am.
paristorres talked me into signing onto the LJ system. I figure if I'm in charge of personnel matters, I should know what the personnel are doing. The LJ system seems to be very popular. Even _tuvok_ and seven_of_nine seem to be enjoying themselves, even if they are overly interested in conspiracy theories.

I've heard rumors of Q popping up here and there. I suggested to B'Elanna that he might be the reason why we can now communicate with AQ people. B'Elanna seemed inclined to think that her engineering expertise is the reason why. She's been in a bad mood lately, so I'm going to drop my theory about Q.

I've found kiranerys on this system. As a former member of the Bajoran resistance, I think she might be more sympathetic to the Maquis. At any rate, I think this uplink to the AQ is a good opportunity to find out what's going on and what the fate of the Maquis has been. I'm concerned about how we'll be treated if and when we get home.

kathrynjaneway is intent on getting us back to the AQ. She refers to it as 'home' but I'm not really sure if it's home for me anymore. I'm more than willing to face the music, to borrow a term from Tom, but I'd feel a lot better if I knew what was waiting for us.
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